Taking Charge of Your Health in 2018

A New Year….and a New You, right?  Approximately 50% of Americans make annual resolutions.  65% will keep their commitment at least for part of the year; 35% won’t even make it out of the gate.  You can take charge of your health and create a healthier you for 2018.  All it takes is a plan!  The following information will help you create your own personalized action plan to attain optimal well-being!

Many of us have been brought up to believe that our health depends solely on the quality of the healthcare we receive. The reality, however, is that your health is your responsibility. Your overall state of health is closely associated with your lifestyle choices and includes such health essentials such as good nutrition, proper weight control, exercise, stress management, and controlling risk factors such as smoking, alcohol and drug use.

The “secret” of wellness is consistent self‑care in which you adopt habits and behaviors that promote better health and an improved quality of life.  The following 3-Step Action Plan is designed to help you make your desired changes toward personal wellness a reality.  The most vital ingredient to making a lasting change and adopting healthier behaviors is a strong desire to succeed! Continue reading “Taking Charge of Your Health in 2018”